ROYEEDS,provider of the dedicate life environment
Borrowing the roses to pay tribute to the extraordinary nation of etiquette and the outstanding era of roses with elegance, dedication and humanitarian service, it breaks the 1.0 traditional caring service ideal to create the customized deep scene experience service with “dedication and temperature” from different life sceneries.
Graceful Temperament Brings Richer Life Experience

Temperament of ROYEEDS

Elegance:Expressing the taste and art and encountering the beauty of life with the elegant taste and art.
Health:The health and vigorous daily life makes people relieved and feel at ease, igniting the endless vigor and vitality of life.
Respect:Living space with natural closeness, and best friends can be made through mutual trust between each other
Comfort:Scenarized interaction space creates an atmosphere with temperature, igniting more wonderful moments.

Dedicated 8 senses to create immerse scenery for families

ROYEEDS has become the scenery creator of life, creating the deep experience platform with the same standard of the high-end life globally for the extraordinary elites through the customized housekeeping service eight senses and the experience introducing the elites of the era to figure out the graceful and calm lifestyle, just like roses, through sceneric service system and creating the deep experience platform with the same standard of the high-end life globally, thus their lives blooming with excellence.

  • Sense of sight

    In the principle of the circulation and on the basis of the standard gardening design, the aquatic view is correspondingly set and the gardening spray system is added to highlight the beauty of the natural scenery, enrich the sight system and create the atmosphere of it.

  • Sense of hearing

    Broadcast the music corresponding with the atmosphere in such places as the garden, runway, lobby, etc., to relieve the mood of the dwellers, and create the cubic walking experience, offering them the service that can be heard.

  • Sense of smell

    The systematic plan on aromatherapy is newly set, in which the high-end aromatherapy oil is applied in the areas like toilets, lifts, lobbies, etc. to relieve the anxiety of the dwellers with its light fragrance.

  • Sense of taste

    Offer different snacks and teas according to the seasons. The rose cake in spring the sweet mung bean soup in summer, the osmanthus cake in autumn and the ginger tea in winter, all of which let the dwellers feel the dropping of warmth and beauty

  • Sense of touching

    Set different value-added greeting services with rhythms according to the changes of the nodes of the circulation. Set a specialized service circulation and create the dynamic experience of stepping towards the respect, letting every client foresee the quality of the future life.

  • Sense of surprise

    Create the rich atmosphere of the festival in the community on every important festival, and fill the lives of the proprietors with accidents and surprises through sending them gifts.

  • Sense of advance

    Get prepared to turn on the lights for proprietors and light up their ways home every time they come back through having an insight into the habit of daily outing of them.

  • Sense of gaining

    Make every proprietor gain the fruitful daily here through warmer community activities and creating a more harmonious relationship among neighbors.

The Respected Etiquette and Order on Top of Fashion of Academy of Rose Housekeeper
  • The Oriental Etiquette

    In the traditional services in the East, the postures of standing walking, crouching, and sitting need to be demure; the postures of holding, taking, pouring and sending need to be soft; and also there are unified requirements in detail in gestures, glances, the angle of bowing and smiling grin, all of which have offered the proprietors with the respecting experience of the royal etiquette of the East.

  • The Top Etiquette in Europe

    Cooperate with the International Butler Organization in Holland, graceful service in Europe, and cultivate the service talent with high quality. The well-designed “experiencing” service bring the clients with the feeling of the high-end service.

Resources taken from the league of the global brands, join hands with the circle of world.
  • Life League

    Combine the top-notch brand resources on daily life to build a living platform and enrich the lives of the proprietors.

  • Club Association

    Provide clients with a near high-end places for meeting and relaxation through the operation of substantial clubs in the high-end projects.

  • Social Circle

    Establishing the elite circles to gather the resources of places for proprietors and acquire the first-hand social resources.

  • Asset Circle

    Building the information sharing to help the proprietors with high net values to achieve asset combination and fortune value-adding.

Considerate service systems of ROYEEDS make life more of temperature
Since thousands of years in China, people have been believing that “After giving the rose to others, fragrance remains with the hands. ” is a luck of dedication and beauty. Nowadays, facing the brand new extraordinary elites, ROYEEDS respects the living customs of the clients and create a warm atmosphere of the community, bringing a better life experience to everyone and every family.
  • 金融优创

    房屋租售 车位租售 贷款服务 资产管理 保险服务 法律服务 理财培训 广告策划
  • 出入优行

    商务接送 车站接送 酒店接送 跨省包车 旅行专车 公务包机 旅行定制 国际租车
  • 运动优享

    高尔夫教练 马术教练 产后私教 儿童体能 健身私教 瑜伽教学 游泳培训 体能测试
  • 健康优先

    家庭医生 中医理疗 定制营养师 专家优享 老人管家 康复护理 美容Spa 体检定制
  • 便民优速

    搬家服务 拎包入住 家政清洁 洗衣到家 室内园艺 甲醛清除 房屋保养 家具保养
  • 多元优化

    早教中心 宠物照顾 家政培训 艺术培训 汽车美容 儿童看护 老年陪护 私人月嫂
  • 圈层时光

    私人会客 董事会议 私人派对 戏剧演出 赛事直播 社区联谊 资源共享 美食工坊
  • 分享时光

    鼎峰论坛 名人演讲 公益文化 金融讲座 理财分享 名人派对 名人游艇会 MBA讲座
  • 文化时光

    古董品鉴会 私藏鉴赏会 电影鉴赏会 红酒品鉴会 棋艺交流会 品茶交流会 插花交流会 文学交流会

ROYEEDS is a top-notch property management brand which is created through hard work. It is formed based on the years of the experience of the high-end property management service. Upgrading from the embassy of ROYEEDS to the rose housekeeper is not only a renewal of the brand name, but also the upgrade of the property management service.

In the past the impression of people on Rongyu Property Management was the far-reaching honor and the high service configuration of the life of elites. But this time, Rongyu endeavored to seek the voice of hearts under its magnificent surface. Whether day or night, and whether you are far away or near, what we hope to bring customers is not only the enjoying of honor, but also a state of peaceful mind.

Just like the rose welcoming the morning dew and the countless stars and gracefully blooming in the soundless tide of river, figure out your own time and enjoy the remarkable life.

Royal:Grand and elaborate, like being invited to the rose party of Josephen, Queen of France. ROYEEDS has become the scenery creator of life, creating the deep experience platform with the same standard of the high-end life globally for the extraordinary elites through the customized housekeeping service eight senses │ experience.

Seeds:A planted seed will become a blossom in the end. The power of the seed has grown to be a strong spirit of inheritance in the self-upgrading, which is also the spirit of the elites of the era, as well as the service spirit of ROYEEDS.

Royeeds:The newly-upgraded ROYEEDS inherits the service spirit of the embassy housekeeper digging into details like an evil , and continuously brings the upper circle of the society with the quality service with sense of ceremony. And it introduces the elites of the era to figure out the graceful and calm lifestyle just like roses through the sceneric service system and creating the deep experience platform with the same standard of the high-end life globally, thus their lives bloom with excellence.

Being Extraordinary is a Heritage and Tolerance.
China has a long history of 5000 years. “Natural substance and literal ornamentation duly blended make a superior man” is an ancient lesson from our ancestors, and more of the back color and soul of the civilization of the Chinese nation. Zhougong, one of the founders of West Zhou Dynasty, set the rules and regulations and the dancing for the rulers, which finally became the core of the Confucian culture of the Chinese nation through the promotion and perfection of Confucius, Mencius and Xuncius. Not forgetting to strive and innovate while keeping the traditions, ROYEEDS abides by the core value of socialism, inheriting the tradition while accepting the new, combing the essence of the Eastern and Western cultures, and adding the international service procedures and standards on the basis of the traditions.

Being Extraordinary is an Improvement of Aesthetics
In Europe of the 19th century, almost all the noble people were crazy about roses, which was a symbol of the graceful taste of the upper society. Josephen, the first Queen of France, was one of these crazy rose lovers. There were over 30,000 roses of over 250 kinds in her Palace of Malmaison. Today, a group of independent elites who are keen on their lives, are devoting themselves to the sublimation and of aesthetics and demonstrating the extraordinary again, in the name of ROYEEDS and taking roses as the totem.

Being Extraordinary is an Idea of Serving the Spiritual Life
A rose, a fragrant life, all the extraordinary dedication are hidden in the details. The carpenters devoted the dedication to a royal rose garden about a hundred years ago in France, and today, facing the brand new outstanding elites, ROYEEDS restarted the rose service and defined the extraordinary idea of life.

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