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Overall life service system “Beauty +” of Rongxin Service includes three components “Beauty+Life”, “Beauty+Technology”, “Beauty+Culture”, joining hands with every client to build a beautiful community “with quality, temperature and love”.

Considerate service

  • 1Warm Greetings
  • 2 Greetings through Hands
  • 3Around-the-clock Guarding
  • 4Answering Calls after 3 Beeps
  • 5Holding off lines after the client does
  • 6Most familiar smile
  • 7Decorating in Eastate in Festivals
  • 8Greetings in the first place
  • 9Warm Community Activities
  • 10Carefree Management of Empty Houses

Safety and Relief

  • 1A ten-kilometer Wall
  • 2 “Five-step” Visitor Control
  • 3Non Blind Angle Monitoring
  • 4Visible Visitors
  • 5Entrance Guard in all Aspects
  • 6Zero-distance Guards
  • 7Two People in a Row and Three People in a Line
  • 8Softness under Shoe soles
  • 9Quiet Safeguard
  • 10Carefree Holidays

Relieving Environment

  • 1Comfort in the Morning
  • 2Non-pollutant sanitation
  • 3Non-noise Cliping
  • 4No Random and Harm in the Growth of Plants
  • 530-min clleaning on Fixed Points
  • 6Rubbish Bins that can Always be Closed
  • 7No Falling Leaves within 1 meter
  • 8Zero-tolerance of the disclosure of soil
  • 9Flowers that do not Wither in all Seasons
  • 10Domestic Seervice Platform

Easy Maintenance

  • 1Respond within 30 minutes
  • 2Appointment 2 hours in advance
  • 3Carry-on Shoe Covers
  • 4Working in Low Sound
  • 5Tacit Suspension
  • 6One-minute Appointment
  • 7Relieving Key Consignment
  • 8Troubles of Small Parts
  • 9Gandy Service
  • 10Lift Maintenance on 0 o’clock

Life at Will

  • 1One-step Payment
  • 2Around-the-clock Domestic Service
  • 3Online Neighborhood Circle
  • 4No exit-entry without Card
  • 5Housing Chenk
  • 6Handy Assistance
  • 7Necessity Company on Sending Doctors
  • 8Business of Home Decoration Selection
  • 9Paid Personal Customization
  • 10Asset Keeper

Rongxin Service has achieved the zero-distance service in 24 hours of 365 days through the building of the Internetb platform of property management, introduction of intelligent devices, the popping up online of the APP of the client service, etc., realizing the high interconnection between the proprietors and the property management and among proprietors.

The Company has succeeded in researching and developing the advanced managing tools and platforms such as “Rongzhi Managing Platform, Rong e Ju APP and Rong e Bang App”,etc. through technical innovation, introducing the advanced ideal of the industry and making full use of the Mobile Internet and the Internet of Things.

Rong e Bang APP devotes itself to “making work easier”, which sets the function of One-step Response, grabbing orders, order checking, etc., and includes the two aspects of property management service and community service.

  • 物业服务

    社区公告 包裹代收 指派工单 抢单 处理工单
  • 社区服务

    车俩查询 访客查询 社区发现 便民电话 费用查询






The community not only is the combination of the physical space, but also should be transferred to its value and ignites the creation and life of it.

Rongxin lets all proprietors feel the colorful community culture and create an atmosphere of harmony, friendliness and warmth through holding characteristic culture activities and providing the proprietors in all estates in all regions with a grand stage for showing talents and communicating, thus creating a beautiful and happy life.

It is divided into Shine Service Season, Harmonious Neighborhood Season, Harmonious Culture Season and Secure and Carefree Season.

“Harmonious Culture Festival” harmonizes the neighbors and relatives-set the IP of the community culture: The harmonious neighborhood accompanies us like sunshine, flowers and smiles. Rongxin specially organizes the ”Neighborhood Day” annually to promote the communication among neighbors and build the harmonious culture, in which the proprietors all feel glad and te community keeps its youth. Rongxin is well-renowned for its “harmonious community” and “Rongxin Neighborhood Day” will become better!

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