Our Story | On Valentine’s Day, Quality Service is the Best Appreciation.
The Valentine’s Day of 2021 encountered the Spring Festival Holidays, which not only created a double joy and beauty, but also added a strong sweetness to the Spring Festival.

But during this Spring Festival, some people did not spend it in relaxation and comfort. Many of the Rongxin People stuck to their posts during the Festival and keep diligence and effort, in order to let the clients spend a comforting Spring Festival.

“Service Means Arriving on the Mission!”


YE Tingting, a customer service worker in the Future Town Project in Souh Fujian Region of Rongxin Service, was being on duty during the Spring Festival. As a customer service at the front desk, she needed to deal with “tiny matters” such as the incoming calls of the households, matters and repairs, and materials of the households, etc.. Actually these “tiny matters” needed high care and patience to be arranged and dealt with completely. During the Spring Festival she braced herself up, answering the calls highly attentively and recording the needs of the proprietors in detail and following up the solving process in time. “Service Means Arriving on the Mission!” Sparing no effort to the posts means letting the proprietors enjoy a nice new year.

“Oh, I Need to Solve Problems for the Proprietors!”


FANG Yongqian , the customer service housekeeper of Xueyuan Huating Project of Hangzhou Region in Rongxin Service, could not go home for New Year Celebration this year. There were almost no differences between the days in the Spring Festival and the daily work life, and even the workload was added. When the Spring Festival was approaching, and the cleaning work needed to be done, she and her colleagues washed cars for the proprietors. Even if it was not so chilly, after the continuous contact with one bucket of icy water after another, she still felt the bitter coldness throughout her body. But she was glad to see the cars of the proprietors in the Housing Estate was washed clean, which was the fruit of her diligent work. “Oh, I Need to Solve Problems for the Proprietors!” During the Spring Festival when she was away from home, she spent the days in the business and hard work, providing the efficient and enthusiastic customer service to satisfy the proprietors.

“Intimate and Reassuring never Take a Holiday.”


WEI Lingyan, the rose housekeeper of the project Jiangwan Mingdi in Shanghai under Rongxin Service. The call for the protocol and the duty of the work all summoned her, and she chose to stay in Shanghai to stick to her post. The days in the Spring Festival were spent in her working and rushing. On the last day of the Chinese New Year, many people had a family reunion with their family members and enjoy the quality time, while she was working as usual, dealing with all needs of the proprietors according to the working process until she received a satisfying reply from the proprietors. Unable to go home to celebrate the Chinese New Year, she did not feel much regret, since she felt comfort and ease never had holidays. Quality service does not take the holidays either, but always accompanies you.

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