Sprouting on Awakening of Insects (A Solar Term) | Record of Harmony: A Full Glass of Joy, with all sugar and no ice.

After the Awakening of Insects we farewell to the coldness of the early spring, and will encounter the peach blooming and everything with vigor and vitality. Spring in March is still in the air, but the cultural activities of the community “Harmonious Neighborhood” has been fruitful in the Spring Festival in February. With love and joy in the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, “Rongxin Service Season” of “Harmonious Neighborhood” has brought the February a full glass of joy with all sugar and no ice.

The “Red Dressing” Applies, the “God of Fortune” Arrives 

The Chinese Red, symbolizing the auspiciousness and happiness, was blooming joyfully in various manners in Rongxin Service in 8 regions of Fuzhou, South Fujian, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin and Guangzhou, igniting the enthusiasm of all zones welcoming the Chinese New Year. In the year 2021 of the ox, the zones apply the “red dressing”, meaning the blessing dawns in spring on the occasion of fortune and harmony.

In addition, many projects such as Rongxin Bojue, Rongxin Bowan in Shanghai Region, Rulin Garden in Nanjing applied the different ideas. With the year of the ox was approaching, the “God of fortune” holding a “shoe-shaped gold ingot” gave all the proprietors and households small gifts like candies. People could not wearing smiles by the cute and smiling “God of Fortune”. What The “God of Fortune” of Rongxin Service expressed and distributed were the sweetness and the joy. 


Good Fortune Arrives by Means of Ink and Brush

Projects such as Lanshan, Sanwei Shuwu, Shangjiangcheng in Fuzhou Region, Rongxin Lanwan in Chengdu Region, etc., organized the traditional Spring Festival activities: Writing in gold on red paper and “expressing” with ink and brush. People were encouraged to give full play, and write down the boundless wishes of the family, career, etc. in the new year.

For the proprietors and dwellers who were absent from writing the Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character Fu(meaning good luck), Rongxin people considerately sent them to their families. The Chinese character Fu, although written on a thin piece of paper, not only carried the historical customs of the Spring Festival, but also carried the expectations of the good fortune of the New Year. Rongxin Service sends Fu and good luck to home.


Less “Offline” in Pandemic Prevention, More Relieved in Spring Festival

Although it was the Spring Festival, our quality service was not “offline”. In the Spring Festival of 2021, the COVID-19 protocol was still severe, and the daily prevention was still the highlight of the pandemic protocol. All zones under Rongxin Service did not suspend the overall sanitation and the key sanitation. Along with the daily cleaning and maintaining of the environment, we let the proprietors and dwellers fell more relieved and carefree in outing in the Spring Festival.


The “Answer” to the Lantern Riddle is the Quality Service

The Lantern Festival comes just after the Spring Festival. On that festival on the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar Year, we rolled dumplings with Rongxin Service. With the soft glutinous rice and sweet stuffing, it seemed that the self-made dumplings tasted sweeter.

Guessing riddles was a preserved item. The colorful lantern riddles made people rack their brains. A small dedicated gift would be given if you answered the riddle right, otherwise do not mind that, since you could also have a bowl of hot dumplings. Seeing the faces worn on everyone’s face, the answer to our lantern riddle must be the “quality service”. 


Rongxin Service ”Harmonious Neighborhood”

Quality First in Rongxin Service Period

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Lantern Festival in February

Colorful and Loving Harmony

The Initial Heart of Service Never Changes

It is just good with all sugar and no ice.

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