Rongxin Honors | Rongxin Service Awarded TOP 19 of the Property Management Service

On Apr.22, 2021, “2021 Press Conference on Results of Top 100 Property Management Companies in China” by China Index Research Institute was officially held in Beijing. WANG Li, operating supervisor of Rongxin Service Group attended the conference as a host.

Comprehensive Strength Regained the Industrial Recognition

Glory like us, Honor on us

With the comprehensive strength in the steady development of the enterprise, excellent ability of service and continuous social responsibility and practice, Rongxin Service has been awarded “Top 19 of the Top 100 of Property Management Companies in China in 2021”, as well as 5 other awards such as “Leading Enterprise in Quality in Top 100 Property Management Companies in China”,  “Leading Enterprise in Growth in Top 100 Property Management Companies in China” “Leading Enterprise in Marketing Operation in Property Management Companies in China in 2021”, “Leading Enterprise in High-end Property Management Companies in China in 2021” and “Leading Enterprise in High-end Property Management Companies in China in 2021-ROYEEDS, High-end Brand of Property Management”! And meanwhile, with its robust service quality, the excellent projects under Rongxin Service stood out in the activity. Shanghai Rongxin International Greenland was awarded “Demonstrating Zone of Property Management Industry in China in 2021”, and Rongxin Lanjun was awarded “Five-star Service Item of Property Management in China in 2021”. We are such glorious that we are honored through our efforts.

Scale Expansion by both Interior and Exterior Growth

Layout in Nation and Delving in Cities

Rongxin Service centers on “Delving in cities and Operating in Regions”, applying the nationwide strategic planning and highlights the Economic Zone on the West Sides of the Straits and Yangtze Delta Economic Circles and rapidly expanding to other regions of the country. The service items are mainly distributed in over 40 cities in 8 regions like Fuzhou, South Fujian, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin and Guangzhou.

Rongxin Service has obtained remarkable achievements in the market expansion through the deepening marketing research. In addition to the interior growth caused by the robust developing capability of the real estate group and land storage, the income from the developing projects from the independent third-party developers reached a steady growth, and the competitive marketing force kept increasing. They all promoted the accelerating expansion of the managing scales.

Heeding the Width and Depth of the Service

Diversified Proceeding in Rich Businesses

Rongxin Service applies the 1+N developing strategy, focusing on property management service and incubating diversified industries. Currently, the types of the service of the company contain the property management in housing estates, apartments, commercial office buildings, HOPSCAs(hotel, office, park, shopping mall, convention, apartment), government office buildings, industrial parks, hospitals, banks, etc.. It has established 6 professional companies such as Rongguan Construction, Ronglin Commerce, Rongmao Housing Estate, Hemei Environment, Hairun Safeguard and Commercial Management, providing the clients with diversified value-added service and products.

Quality Service Provides Excellent Customer Experience

The Service Upgrades for Beautiful Building Home

Rongxin Service keeps pace with the industrial development and keeps its initial heart, digging into the value of the service and improving the service quality, in order to transfer “ the management of goods” of the traditional property management to “the service of people”. It delves into the living needs of the people of the community and actively explores “serving in place”, promoting the optimizing and upgrading of the products and systems of the service.

Rongxin Service diligently creates the overall life service system “Beauty+”, including “Beauty+Life”, “Beauty+Technology” and “Beauty+Culture”. It provides the clients with different five-star experience through “Service with Five Hearts”: considerate service, safety and relief, pleasing environment, carefree maintenance, and living at will. It also devotes itself to joining hands with the clients to build a beautiful community “with quality, temperature and love”.

At the same time, Rongxin Service established and issued a high-end brand of property management “ROYEEDS” according to the strategic development planning of the development needs and brand diversification of the industry. It holds the service spirit of loyalty, fast, warmth and royalty, provides the elegant, healthy, respectful, comforting personal services, and creates the outstanding elite life experience with comfort, joy and luxury.

Digit Promotes Environmental Upgrading

Supported by Technology to Create Smart IoT

In an era of the “Internet +” in the property management, Rongxin Service adapts itself to the trend of the application trend of the Internet and the Information Technology, succeeding in developing and continuously upgrading the advanced managing tools and innovative platform ”Rongzhi Managing Platform, Rong e Ju App and Rong e Bang APP”, and meanwhile it makes full use of the new media platforms such as the Wechat subscription account and the applets, combing the Information Technology of the Internet with the property management service and providing the comprehensive solutions to the property management service, thus upgrading the traditional property management service.Currently such functions as the Smart Key, Smart Parking, Online Payment, E-control Center, EBA Management Platform of Facilities, Maintenance Report, Neighborhood Interaction, etc. have been online to create a smart and harmonious living environment for proprietors.

Talent Cultivation to Promote Sustainable Development

Gathering Heart and Power to Join Hands for Heading

Holding the talent ideal “Talent is the first productive power”, and the principle “The talents are selected from all around the globe.”, Rongxin Service actively takes on the talent cultivation and talent introduction, paralleling the 5-level cultivating system and two-way talent promotion systems, and also established the Talent Management Institute, which included the 4 managing systems: cultivation system, trainer system, training course system and tutor system, and create a talent team with rich experience and high efficiency through all dimensions and aspects.

Hard Protocol and Warm Service Synchronize in Place

Hard Task Shouldered Bravely and Achievement Obtained in Fighting Disease

During the pandemic, Rongxin Service bravely shouldered the heavy task and started the emergency pandemic prevention protocol of the Group in the first place, and was carried out wholly from the commanding department to all projects in all regions. The group was firm that while they were carrying out the prevention, they spared no efforts to safeguard the life of the clients, which was praised by the official institutions many times, During the most severe period of the pandemic in 2020, There were on average 1347 guards being on duty, 1296 cleaners doing cleaning and sanitizing, and over 4500 Rongxin Servers keeping the beautiful estates daily. At the same time Rongxin Service carried out the caring activities for the doctors, in which the warn greetings and materials were sent to the “angels in white” and their families, helping them to solve the problems in life. Up till now, daily sanitation, temperature taking, etc. is still being carried out strictly according to the standard procedures, bringing the ease and relief to every client.

Honors are the positive feedback of our growth, and more the encourage and urge of our development. In the future, Rongxin Service will always keep the service ideal “Diligence satisfies you and effort moves you”, continuously being innovative and progressive, to devote 

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