Dreams and Realizations of the Childhood, They will Care

The main character of this program “They Say”

Ningning, a three-year-old cute baby from Shanghai Jiangwan Mingdi under Rongxin Service.

He will take us to the colorful time with child’s innocence, interest, colorful bubbles and marry-go-round.

May the dreams and its realizations of the childhood are accompanied with beauty forever.

Small Surprise like the Candy Jar

It was the beginning of summer with proper daylight, ZHANG Ying and ZHAO Fan, the rose housekeepers of Jiangwan Mingdi, accompanied us to head for Ningning’s family. TANG Shouren, the grandpa, and ZHANG Xiaogui, the grandma, took Ningning, who just went back from the Book Bar of Jiangwan Mingdi to chat with us on growth. Facing us, Ningning did not expressed the tension on seeing the strangers, but gladly recited a poem namedOn a Spring Morning. Outside there is lush trees, and inside there is childish voice. The square of the place in the summer is full of beauty.


The grandparents had a deep thought on Ningning’s growth. “When you wake up in the morning and the child gives you a hug, you will feel extremely comfortable.”. The time that is used to keep the child company is more like opening a candy jar, because you never know the candy of what flavor you will get next time. “The current environment is different and the child learns fast. He will speak words that are beyond our thoughts.” When it comes to the point, TANG Shouren’s words were full of delight of Ningning’s growth, and the family often got the small surprise and move from the child. 

Time when the Ball is Played Together

ZHANG Ying, a rose housekeeper, had a deep impression on Ningning. ”In the Estate Ningning would take his favorite ball. When other children saw it, he would give them and let everyone play it.” Having an awareness of sharing at an early age cannot be separated from the excellent family education. “We will give the child a positive guidance and let him know to share.” TANG Shouren said.

Not only is the friendship obtained among children in the community, but also the comfortable service is enjoyed. “Here all kinds of facilities are adequate. It is convenient whether to wander around with the child, or go outside for fun.” TANG also mentioned specially, “The sanitation work of the Estate is excellent, with the clean pavements and various plants. Glad to see them.” In the reflection of the trees and flowers, the wandering people in Jiangwan Mingdi seem more tranquil and relaxing.

Small Beauty in the Detailed Reading of the Picture Books.

“Establishing a harmonious relationship between the proprietors and the property management is the best.” TANG said that the daily life in Jiangwan Mingdi has reached “harmony”: Overall “gelivable” protocol in the pandemic; “School Guarding Action” on the zebra crossing every afternoon; Book Bar that promotes the learning progress of children; children’s handicraft activities on holidays... various measures and colorful activities bring the guard of secure and comfort to the childhood.

Jiangwan Mingdi is an epitome of numerous service items of Rongxin Service. There are shadows of Rongxin People working hard in over 40 cities in 8 regions such as Fuzhou, South Fujian, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin and Guangzhou. Rongxin Service has been establishing a beautiful community “with quality, temperature and love” with its ingenuity and persistence. May love and move, as well as Rongxin Service, keep every client company warmly.

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