Being on board successfully on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Jul.16, 2021


On Jun.16, 2021, Ronshine Service Holding Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 02207.HK) was officially listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, setting sailing in the blue sea of the capital market! And at the same time, Ronshine Service connected the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to hold the celebration.

Presence of Ronshine Service Celebrating the Listing in Hong Kong

At half past 9, OU Zonghong, Chairman of Board of Rongxin China, and MA Xianghong, President and Board of Ronshine Service, stroke the gong together. As the audience, senior leaders of Rongxin China and Ronshine Service, together with the present investors, agencies, journalists of the media, staff, etc. all witnessed the important moment of Ronshine Service turning over a new leaf.

Presence of Ronshine Service Celebrating the Listing in Hong Kong

MA Xianghong, President and Board of Ronshine Service, stated in his address,”In the year 2004, Ronshine Service took root and sprout in Fuzhou and ignited its first glisten there. In November, 2017, the headquarter of Ronshine Service Group moved to Shanghai, which meant we officially applied the development strategy of rooting in the Yangtze River Delta and covering the whole China”. 17 years is like a melody. Ronshine Service has been sticking to the direction of development of standardization, marketization, technicalization and capitalization. I believe, in the future, with our deep promotion of “1+N” business development strategy, and with the aid of technology and capital, Ronshine Service will be in the fast traffic lane of development, and our overall strength will be further consolidated and enhanced. And we have confidence in creating greater return of value for clients, for investors, for employees, for staff and for the society. The stars and the gleaming lights will not live up to our journey of development. We are willing to heed and support every person of Ronshine Service, joining hands with them ahead and creating the beauty, on its future road of progress.”

Present addressing of MA Xianghong, President and Board of Ronshine Service.

YU Lijuan, Executive Board and President of Rongxin China, stated in her address,”Since the Reform and Opening-up in 1978, and in the process of urbanization in China, Rongxin has been sticking to the will of “Leader of the Quality Housing Estate and the Service Provider of Beautiful Life”, and striving to improve the living environment of people and build the happy life! We have realized the coordinated development among the estate development, property management service, gardening engineering, capital management and operation, etc.. The property management is a rather important part of the development of the industrial chain of Rongxin Group. We have been achieving much fruit durimg the 17 years of development, and we congratulate on Ronshine Service officially being listed today.” “Rongxin China, as a long-term strategic partnership of Ronshine Service, will continue to take on the solid back of the fast development of Ronshine Service.”

 Present addressing of YU Lijuan, Executive Board and President of Rongxin China.

Ronshine Service centers on “delving in cities and managing innregions”. With its nationwide strategic layout and delvement in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Straits and the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, it expands to other regions in China. The service items are mainly distributed in over 40 cities in 8 regions of Fuzhou, South Fujian, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin and Guangzhou.

Ronshine Service has obtained remarkable achievements in the market expansion through the deepening marketing research. In addition to the interior growth caused by the robust developing capability of the real estate group and land storage, the income from the developing projects from the independent third-party developers reached a steady growth, and the competitive marketing force kept increasing. They all promoted the accelerating expansion of the managing scales.

Ronshine Service applies the 1+N developing strategy, focusing on property management service and incubating diversified industries. Currently, the types of the service of the company contain the property management in housing estates, apartments, commercial office buildings, HOPSCAs(hotel, office, park, shopping mall, convention, apartment), government office buildings, industrial parks, hospitals, banks, etc.. It has established 6 professional companies such as Rongguan Construction, Ronglin Commerce, Rongmao Housing Estate, Hemei Environment, Hairun Safeguard and Commercial Management, providing the clients with diversified value-added service and products.

Ronshine Service keeps pace with the industrial development and keeps its initial heart, digging into the value of the service and improving the service quality, in order to transfer “ the management of goods” of the traditional property management to “the service of people”. It delves into the living needs of the people of the community and actively explores “serving in place”, promoting the optimizing and upgrading of the products and systems of the service.

And at the same time, Ronshine Service actively promotes the diversified strategy of brands according to the industrial developent of the industry, and established the high-end property management service brand “ROYEEDS”. Holding the service spirit of loyalty, fast, warmth and royalty, it provides the elegant, healthy, respecting and confortable customized service, and creates the extraordinary life experience of elites enjoyed with comfort, joy and royalty.

In an era of the property management “Internet +”, Ronshine Service adapts itself to the trend of the Internet and the Information Technology and succeeds in developing and upgrading the advance managing tools like “Rongzhi Managing Platform” by making full use of the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things. And meanwhile it takes advantage of the new media platform, closely combining the Internet Technology with the property management service, and providing the comprehensive solutions to that, thus transferring and upgrading the traditional property management service. Currently the functions such as Smart Door Key, Smart Park, Online Payment, E Control Center, EBA Facility Management Platform, Maintenance Report, Neighborhood Interaction, etc. has been online, providing the proprietors with intelligent life environment.

The successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the affirmation and support of the capital market to the development ideal and result of Ronshine Service, and more it brings the challenges and opportunities to the long-term Ronshine Service in the future. Ronshine Service will take this opportunity to further expand its business scope and scale of coverage, improve the brand value and dig deep into the increasing point of the value of the service, creating more value and bringing more beauty to the clients, shareholders, staff and the society!

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