Accelerating the Cooperation, “Friend Circle” of Ronshine Service Expanded further


Since Ronshine Service stared the business of market expansion, it has been always adhering  to the developing strategy of combining the interior growth and exterior growth, enriching the managing modes and expanding the strategic layout continuously. In July, 2021, Ronshine Service signed the strategic cooperation documents with Vanvi Development Group, and Jinsheng Ruitai(Tianjin) Property Management Co., Ltd respectively, joining hands together to create win-win!

A signing ceremony on strategic cooperation between Chengdu Property Management Company of Ronshine Service Group was held on Jul.6, 2021. Mr. LU Qinglong, General Manager of Chengdu & Chongqing Real Estate Company of Rongxin China; Mr. MA Jianbin, Board of Vanvi Real Estate Company; Mr. LIN Xiaolin, General Manager of Chengdu Property Management Company of Ronshine, Mr. TAN Chao, General Manager of Finance of Ziyang Vanvi Company; YU Changbo, General Manager of Investment, etc. attended the Signing Ceremony.

Vanvi Development Group is established in 2003 and its real estate business is distributed in such regions as Sichuan, Shaanxi and Chongqing. The Group adheres to the core ideal of “Simple, Pragmatic, Efficient”. It takes “Creating and Sharing the Urban Future” as its enterprise mission and provides the supporting service for urban construction. It seeks the win-win with its partners with its stable and heeded development mode. 

The mega-merger opens the beauty. Through the Through the signing of the strategic agreement, Vanvi Development Group and Ronshine Service will carry out the in-depth cooperation, whose range will cover the hosing estates, commerce, hospitals, schools, etc.. In the future, Ronshine Service will join hands with Vanvi Development Group to build a harmonious community, and create a beautiful community life “with quality, temperature and love”.

On Jul.5, 2021, Tianjin Property Management Company of Ronshine Service Group and Jinsheng Ruitai (Tianjin) Property Management Group signed an agreement on strategic cooperation. Mr. TANG Jun, General Manager of Tianjin Property Management Company, Mr. MA Zongsheng, Board of Jinsheng Company, senior staff of Jinsheng Company people in charge of the departments of Tianjin Property Management Company of Ronshine Service Group attended the signing ceremony.

Jinsheng Ruitai (Tianjin) Property Management Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016, whose business radiates to many cities of the provinces like Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Qingdao, etc., and whose types of property management involves office buildings, commercial plazas, hospitals, schools, etc.. 

Through the signing of the agreement on the strategic cooperation, Ronshine Service and JInsheng Ruitai has established a long-term communication platform. Both parties will figure out a best cooperation method in the brand energizing, resourcing exchanging and service extending, and establish a friendly cooperative relationship to join hands to serve the mass clients.


In the future, Ronshine Service will continue to consolidate the interior management and improve the ability of market expansion stably. Holding the service ideal of “Diligence satisfies you, effort moves you”, it keeps innovating and progressive, devoting itself to achieving the enterprise mission of “becoming the most reliable partner of the clients”.

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