Action! Ronshine Service at the Front

Heavy rain, torrential rain, the heaviest rain this year, the heaviest rain in decades... 

According to the official microblog of Henan News Broadcast, from 8 p.m. of 17th day to 8 p.m. of 20th day, the rainfall of Zhengzhou in these three days reached 617.1mm. The average annual rainfall of Zhengzhou is 640.8mm, which means that the rain that fell these three days was equal to that of the previous 1 year. From the perspective of the meteorology, and from the perspective of the fitting of the distribution curve of the hourly rainfall, daily rainfall and their recurrence period, they all happened once over a thousand years.

Affected by the torrential rain, there were inundation and flood in many places in Henan, and the vehicles on the streets were washed away. The disaster was at the sight of people of the country.


Facing the sudden natural disaster, people of Ronshine Service never said to retreat, and acted at the frontier of the fight against the disaster, to build a solid “a safety line of flood defense” for the proprietors.

After Zhengzhou Government issued the early warning of the heavy rain, Central China Property Management Company of Ronshine Service established the group for contingency plan, and the arrangement was carried out quickly. The duties of the staff was clear and the materials for flood defense was bought in place. All staff were required to keep the communication unblocked, and get prepared for the emergency response.

The housekeepers of Ronshine Service issued the early warning notice through various channels like Wechat groups, Wechat Moments, etc., and warm notices were laid in the service centers of the property management, informing the proprietors of the weather and notices.

Before the heavy rain, the staff of the Ronshine Service Projects carefully checked the public facilities and removed the hidden dangers of the regions vulnerable to the water-logging such as the machine rooms, drainage system and the underground garage. They also actively connected the proprietors in the responsible buildings and closed the doors and windows for them who could not come back in time.

At the same time, people in the Service Center purchased such emergency materials as the sandbags, waterproof cloth, drainage pipes, etc., and built a sand wall at the places vulnerable to water-logging like the entrance to the underground garage, getting fully prepared for the heavy rain.

When the torrential rain fell, and faced with the danger caused by it, all staff of the Central China Property Management Company of Ronshine Service were devoted to the flood quickly, unplugging the sewerage, setting the sandbags against flooding, building screens against flooding, and setting the pumps to pump water. People in all positions got fully prepared and were aware of their duties. They swore to guard the beautiful communities.

During the torrential rain, their clothes were wet by the raindrop and the sweat, but they removed the hidden danger in the shortest time barely. They worked overnight despite the power failure, water failure and Internet failure, fully prepared around the clock and devoted themselves to the emergency rescue.However fierce the flood was, Ronshine Service was always standing in the frontier against the flood.

After the flood, people of Ronshine Service carried out the concentrated clearance at the roads, garages and sewerage. The water and electricity supply was back to normal, safeguarding the life and outing of the proprietors.


Affected by the torrential rain, part of the trees were crooked and fell, and the staff in the projects pulled together to reshape and consolidate the plants. Seeing the hard work of the property management staff, the proprietors spared no effort to take an active part in the re-construction of the community, and sent the instant noodles, food and disinfectant, making them in the emergency rescue feel warmth and power. 

After the torrential rain, faced with the problems related to environmental safety caused by the vulnerable spread of diseases due to high humidity, high temperature, easy breeding of the bacteria and viruses, and the vulnerable pollution of the source of water, Central China Property Management of Ronshine Service issued the Work Notice on Sanitation for Disease Prevention of Flood, organized a special meeting on sanitation for disease prevention and rescue after flood, and carried out the related works such as the reshaping of the community after the disaster, the comforting the proprietors, etc..

Central China Property Management Company of Ronshine Service carried out the overall sanitation in the garage bins of the estate, sewers, underground garages, entertainment facilities of children, the resting chairs for clients, etc., to ensure no severe diseases after severe diseases.

And at the same time, Central China Property Management Company of Ronshine Service set a “Energy Supply Station” in the estate to assist the lives of the proprietors back to normal as soon as possible, supplying the domestic water and purchase of foods. They thought what the proprietors thought and were anxious what they were anxious. They stood in the position of the proprietors to overcome the temporary difficulties. 

Faced with the natural disaster, people of Ronshine Service presented the professional techniques that mastered in the daily drills in the emergency rescue, and appeared no tension in face of the catastrophe. Safeguarding the community and the city, they demonstrated the power of professional service in their actions. Their diligence satisfies you and effort moves you. The torrential rain stops while the service continues!

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