In-fa Occurs Ronshine Service Builds a “Barrier”

▷ Latest Status of Typhoon In-fa

The National Meteorology Channel announced that In-fa, Typhoon No.6 of this year was in Jiashan County of Zhejiang Province at 1 p.m. today(26th day), i.e., at 30.8°N, 120.9°E. Its strongest wind force reached level 10 (28m/s), and the minimum central pressure was 978 hpa.. It is estimated that In-fa would move west by north with the speed of 10km/h, and the intensity of it would be weakened. It would enter Jiangsu at today’s night, move northeastward on 28th day and enter the surface of the Yellow Sea on 30th day.

Due to the heavy accumulative rainfall, currently the red early warning of the meteorological risk of flash flood in partial areas was issued in the Northern Zhejiang and Southern Anhui, and the yellow early warning of typhoon and the blue early warning of heavy rain were still on in Shanghai.

When “In-fa” occurred, Shanghai& Jiangsu Property Management Company and Zhejiang Property Management Company of Ronshine Service struck acted against the wind and worked efficiently, fighting at the frontier against the typhoon and flooding.

Before the super typhoon arrived, Ronshine Service ordered the urgent deploy, in which the responsibility should be fallen on the individual, and the company should cooperate with the government to practice all measures, identify all the hidden dangers, and performed wonderfully in the prevention of typhoon and flooding.

▷ Issued Warm Notices in Time

All service centers pulled up notices on the bulletin board in the lobbies in the first place, and sent the warm notices of torrential rain through the groups pf proprietors and Wechat Moments, warning them to take the prevention works. 

▷ Anti-flooding Materials in Place ahead of Time

All service centers finished the maintenance of the water and electricity supplies and the pumps to ensure the safety use of domestic water and electricity of the proprietors; and at the same time, prepared emergency materials such as the sandbags and the screens against flooding, dealing with the emergency at any time. 

▷ Check the Drainage in Advance

According to the previous experience, typhoon accompanies the heavy rain and the drainage was the first pass! People of the Ronshine Service checked every drainage channel with an careful attitude, clear mud roundly to ensure the smooth drainage, and at the same time check the bilge wells, collector wells, rainwater wells and their affiliated pipelines, figuring out problems and carrying out maintenance and clearance in time.   

In the evening before the rainstorm, the safeguards were on duty overnight, strengthening the night patrol of the estate, guiding the vehicles to be parked orderly underground, and taking the materials vulnerable to be blown indoors.

The engineering teams carefully checked all kinds of facilities in the estate to ensure that they all worked normally and safeguard the carefree lives of the proprietors.

The high-altitude patrol groups were on shift to patrol the estate and got fully prepared to face the challenges at any time, strictly preventing the risk of stuff falling from high sky, clearing the dangerous falling stuff and make an appointment to the proprietors for self-check.

The housekeepers and the order waiter checked the public corridors and rooms of the empty rooms, and shut the windows for prevention of the pour of the rain.

When the rainstorm occurred, the clients was on around the clock, whether online or offline, and heeded the needs of the proprietors at any time. 

Faced with the drainage jammed by the withering leaves and branches, the safety keepers even cleared them with bare hands and drained the water manually. 

The leakage sometimes occurs in the rainstorm. Faced with the emergency caused by the leakage indoors, the housekeeper and the engineering teams arrived at the spot in the first place, cleared the rain water in time and made an emergency handling of the broken windows. 

When the rainstorm slowed down, the people of Ronshine Service seized the time and spared no effort to regain the beauty of the estate. All service centers swept the fallen leaves on the roads and the floors, cleared the barriers on the roads. The present problems were all under construction orderly and with fast pace.

We were accompanied by the warmth. In addition to the reconstruction of the emergency of the community, people in the Ronshine Greenland Projects sent the emergency instant foods to the staff at the frontier in time. Typhoon was emotionless while the people were emotional. The very well-being of the people of Ronshine Service means that they can build a safety protective screen for the proprietors.

Each disaster is an examination of the property management staff. Ronshine Service safeguards the community and the city with their actions and we pay tribute to every ordinary hero!

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